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Little Uncle is a celebration of roots Thai food found at our Capitol Hill take-out shop on Madison, Pioneer Square restaurant and catering events. Little Uncle was founded by chefs PK and Wiley Frank who have found inspiration by the family run restaurants of Thailand where traditions have survived the test of time.

Come by our shop on 1509 East Madison to try our steamed pork cheek buns, khao soi, phad thai and rotating specials. The menu is small and succinct. At the Capitol Hill shop, we have take out and a number of open air seats along the side walk. The shop is open Tuesday through Saturday 11AM-8PM. You can stop by to order, or to expedite your order feel free give a call at 206-329-1503. When placing an order, please note that while we try to accommodate most special requests, we do not add chicken to our phad thai.

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